Business immigration to Poland in 5 steps

Business immigration  procedure with assistance of Lexcarta Law Firm is following:
1) we register a company for you in Poland  (it takes 1-4 weeks depends what scenario you choose) ,
2) on that basis you apply for business visa for 6 months in Polish embassy in your country,
3) during this 6 months you can visit and live in Poland, you need to start up the business –  to fullfil conditions for applying for temporary residence permit (TRP):
  • achieve annual  net profit more than 15.000 Euro and pay tax on it (9%), or
  • make investments, or
  • have a business plan and capital that will enable achieving such income in the future, or
  • employ at least 2 Polish citizens for 1 year and pay personal income tax and social contribution for them.
4) if you meet one the above conditions you can apply for residence permit (TRP) for 3 years.
5) TRP procedure will take about 4-6 months.
In the same application you can apply for TRP for you close family members.
Depending on your idea of your business in Poland and expected  return rate you should have at least 20.000-25,000 Euro for starting up business. Moreover you have to have health insurance and stable source of income in Poland to cover costs of living and rent  (depends on standard it is 500-1000 Euro per month).
Lexarta fees for:
  • company registration ;
  • visa and TRP assistance;
  • one year accountancy ;

is total 3.500 Euro;