The process of establishing and registering a company in other country can be a time consuming, frustrating and costly endeavour. LEXCARTA’s shelf company service offers an efficient, turnkey solution to company formation of the more commonly used forms of companies including Limited Liability Company, Limited Partnerships, Limited Joint-Stock Partnerships and Joint-Stock Companies.
LEXCARTA offers ready made companies which facilitate a quick, efficient transfer of ownership and commencement of business activities.
Our service meets a broad range of needs and is of particular value when the timing of market entry is critical, for example with company, or real estate acquisitions.
Our shelf companies are fully established, operational entities which include:
  • all notary and court fees.
  • Registered address for 1 year.
  • change of the name, scope of business  and address (if required).
  • reporting UBO to authorities.
  • Active bank accounts (PLN, EUR, USD).
  • Tax registration (CIT & VAT).
  • EORI registration.
Our lawyers are willing to make all amendments in shelf company’s legal status and documentation to meet expectation of our clients after purches of shares. All fees are included in the prirce.
We provide also fully remotely process of buynig shelf company according to the client needs.