Before reading the post below please be advised:

  • we are not a work agency and we cannot assist you in looking for a job in Poland.

  • a work permit in Poland is issued not at the request of a foreigner who will perform this work, but at the request of the entity that entrusts him with work on the Polish territory.
  • we can provide assistance for you in all legal issues but we will not help you in finding a job in Poland.

Granting a work permit – the procedure

Work permit in Poland takes following steps:

  1. Foreigner intrested in working in Poland should find a job position suitable for his qualifications and make intitial arragements with the future employer especially concernig type of work contract, his position, duties, salary, accomodation.
  2. After arrangements future employer applys for work permit for the foreigner in Polish Immigration Office (Urząd Wojewódzki). Employer should fullfil several conditions for work permit but whole precedure and preparing paper work is on him.
  3. After granting a work permit for an employee, employer sends a decision on work permit to an  employee.
  4. Employee on the basis of work permit applys for work visa in his country in Polish embassy. Granting a work visa requires sending an application and personal visit in Polish Embassy.
  5. After granting a work visa employee arrives to Poland signs the employment contract and start working.
  6. On the basis of work permit employee can apply for temporary residence permit in Poland for up to  3 years or till the date of work permit expiration.

Please be aware of following crucial tips:

  • work permit is valid only for certain position in certain employer.
  • if employment will be terminated also work permit expires. Within 14 days an employee has to notify the immigration office about termination of employment which a work permit concerned.
  • employee has only 30 days to find another work, a new work permit has to be issued for a new employment.
  • if employee doesn’t find another work during 30 days, also residence permit expires and employee has to leave Poland.


Directors appointed in the company registered in Poland don’t have to apply for work permit if they work in Poland no longer than 6 month during 1 calendar year.

If work permit is to be granted for directors in the company there is a defferent procedure impelmented.

If working time of director extendes period of 6 months the company has to apply for work permit for a such director.

The company has to meet following conditions for work permit for director:

  • in the tax year prior to the current year company achieved income in amount at least 15.000 EURO and employed legally at least 2 employees for one year for full time and paid taxes and social contribution on their salaries


  • prove that posses funds sufficient for achiveing above mentioned conditions in the future, in particular by carrying out activities that contribute to increasing investment, technology transfer, introducing beneficial innovations or creating jobs.