Register a LLC in Poland with LEXCARTA LAW OFFICE

  1. Procedure of traditional (paperwork) registration. 

In order to register a LLC in Poland is no required client’s personal presence in our office.

We can register company on behalf of the client on the basis of Power of Attorney (PoA) notarized by your local notary or legalised in Polish embassy.

We prepare draft of  PoA according to requirements of Polish law. You just need to send us a copy of your passport, address, phone number and your email, and then our attorney will contact you and specify what you should do next.

For a company registration in Poland we offer online services for convenience of our clients. Our specialists can send the documents directly to client’s home address anywhere in the world.
The schedule for LLC registration is following:

  1.  For a start you send us the necessary documents and the required personal information (passport/ID copy, email, residence address, telephone number for a call) to Our  lawyers prepare contract for services and  Power of Attorney (PoA) for company registration.
  2. Client has to provide us following details: company’s name, address (can use our virtual office), and scope of business.
  3. Client has to notarized the PoA in a front of local notary or in Polish embassy and send PoA in original to our Office.
  4.  Client has to sign contract and send back scans then transfers an advance payment  of agreed amount (usually 50% of the fee)  to initiate and start process of company formation in Poland (bank transfer takes about 3 days).
  5. After receiving notarized PoA we start registration of a company.
  6. Whole registration is usually completed within 2-4 weeks.
  7. After registration client pays remaining balance of fee and we send to the client all company’s documents.


2. Fast online registration of LLC (S24 procedure)

For clients who can visit our office we provide fast online registration by internet.  Online regsitration requires from client to be granted PESEL number (Polish ID number) and trusted e-profile, we assist also in the procedure of granting PESEL number and e-profile for clients. Procedure of online company registration takes about 2-5 days.



Our services for incorporation includes:

  • Incorporation of the more common forms of entity including limited liability companies, branches, joint stock companies and limited partnerships. [see available business forms in Poland]
  • Preparation of documentation and submission of applications to the competent authorities.
  • Preparation of Articles of Association in compliance with local regulations.
  • Provision of a proxy, under power of attorney, to represent shareholders with local authorities.
  • Arranging and instructing local notary, verification and translation services.
  • For incorporation where activity may be either subject to local license requirements, or structured for tax efficiency, we always recommend assistance from professional legal, or tax advisors, in the best interests of our clients.


Additional services not included in the fee:

  • a virtual office services.
  • translation services in other language than English.
  • an assistance in VAT registration.
  • an assistance in EORI registration.
  • a stamp for company;

After registration clients always have access online to company’s data in register court (KRS) and they can upload the current certificate of registration for the gov site