Pricelist for bookkeeping services

Type of company / number of transaction per monthMonthly/yearly fee in Euro
(*) in the case of the inactive company fee is payable in a advance for whole year ( fee for 12 months is 360 Euro)
(**) all fees are subject to 23% VAT
Inactive company

(10 transactions) per year (*)
360 a year
Low transactions
Company is not subject to VAT
Less than 20 transactions monthly
Low transactions
Company is subject to VAT
Less than 20 transactions monthly
Medium transactions

Less than 50 transactions monthly
Medium-Large transactions

Less than 100 transactions monthly
High transactions

Less than 200 transactions monthly
fee for each transaction after exceeding the monthly limit
Preparing annual financial statement: ( Polish and English version)one monthly standard fee for bookkeeping services not less than 100
Preparing payroll and keeping personal files

for an employee

Additional fees:

  1. Tax advisory services 50 EURO hourly for the services rendered by a tax adviser.
  2. Other wide-range accounting services, as requested by the Client:

a) 40 EURO hourly for the services rendered by a manager accountant,
b) 20 EURO hourly for the services rendered by a certified accountant and human resources specialist.


Our accountancy services include all duties:

  1. Maintaing the Ledger and the Tax Documentation
  2. Preparing and submit PIT, and VAT returns
  3. Preparing and submitting social insurance returns
  4. Keeping  the Customer informed about tax and social insurance liabilities to be paid
  5. Storing documentation relating to the performance of this Agreement on the Contractor’s site
  6. Maintaining communication, including correspondence with tax and social insurance authorities on behalf of the Customer
  7. Participating  in audits and investigations conducted by government authorities with regard to the period of the services provided .