Now special offer ready made limited liability company for you just for 2000 €.

All cost included !

Setting up a business is likely to be a risky and fairly stressful process, however you decide to get your company up and running. There are two types of ways to set up your company:

  • register a new company or
  • buying a ready made.





A ready made company is one where the business has been set up before, and the owner of the company sells on the whole shares on new buyer who becomes company owner. Another option for those looking to set up a business is to register a new business of their own.

We sell only “clean” and safe companies without debts or duties. 

Ready made company will have a name already that you can take over and continue to trade from, or which you can change whilst you are getting set up. The company may have a trading history, particularly if it has been active at any point. This can be a bad thing if you don’t know what has happened in the past, as it could affect your business if anything negative has happened. We give you warranty that we cover any claim the could arouse in reference to company activity before purchase.

What do you get for 2000 EURO?

  1.  the company registered in court register (KRS).
  2. transfer of shares onto you or other shareholder.
  3. update in the register – enter under your name and chosen scope of business. (all fees for the update and transfer of shares are included).
  4. 1 year virtual office service,

What is not included in the fee of 2000€?

  1. opening bank account.
  2. VAT registration.
  3. EORI registration.
  4. cost of translation of documents from other language than English.

How to Buy a Ready-Made Company in Poland?

Procedure with visit in our office.

Traditional shares trnasfer in company requires signing contract of shares sale in a front of notary.

For the clients who can visit our office we provide also fast online sale of shares usuing trusted e-profile

(we help to get e-profile the same day).

If you prefer to change company’s name it requires also amendment in the articles of association. We arrange all paper work.

You can enjoy your new company just after singing the contract of shares transfer. The contract is valid without any registration in the court. However you personal data as well as new directors or new address will be entered into court register within few weeks.

Remotely procedure:

If you can’t visit Poland we provide full services also remotely.

In order to buy an already registered company remotely client has to send as signed documents (Power of attorney) .

Client just needs to send us a copy of passport, to specify your address, phone number and email address to  and then our representative will contact him, give every single detail about the best scenario of buying company in Poland.

The action sequence is the following:

No./Action Process of Buying company (without visiting our office)
1 Send us documents and the required information (copy of passport, your email, address, telephone number) by email
2 Pay an advance payment of 50 percents of total amount to initiate the process
3 We prepare necessary documents for the Client to sign within a week  and send them by email (up to 7 days)
4 The Client prints out the documents  pursuant to the instruction, signs them, gets an approval from a notary and sends them back to us by a post courier (it will take 7 days until we get the documents)
5 receive the documents, it will take about 1 weeks to arrange a full package of documents for the Client (up to 21 days)
6 When the documents are ready, we scan and sends to the Client the business registration certificate by email and requests the Client for the remaining 50% of payment (it could take up to 15 minutes)
7 The Client pays the remaining amount (it could take up to 3 days)
8 We then send the documents to the Client by express courier (it could take up to 3 days)