The Law firm LEXCARTA is the law firm uniting legal advisors with extensive experience of legal service provided for business entities and also providing legal counseling services for individual clients. The Law Firm was founded in 2007 by legal counsel Piotr Zakrzewski as a response to the demand for legal advice put forward by business partners. Since then it as has been continuously developing by acquiring new clients and enlarging the areas of law practices.

MISSION OF THE LAW FIRM Our mission is to provide comprehensive legal services perfectly adjusted to the needs of our clients. Decisive advantage of the superiority of our offer is an excellent understanding of the processes that govern business and adapting our solutions to the legal needs of our clients, including economic and marketing aspects. Our experience enables us to offer legal counseling perfectly adjusted to business goals of our clients. Except for comprehensive advisory services, we provide our clients with solid information concerning amendments to the law in order to adjust the operation of our clients to the legal requirements just in time.

QUALITY OF PROVIDED SERVICES Legal counsels working for our Law Firm are united in a professional associations – District Chamber of Legal Counsels in Warsaw and National Chamber of Legal Counsels, which guarantees the best quality of our legal advisory services. The membership of our counsels in professional associations, which was contingent upon the completion of legal training lasting 3.5 years, thoroughly prepares for practicing the profession of a legal counsel. Moreover, our lawyers constantly improve their qualifications, by deepening and supplementing their legal knowledge and adjusting it to the needs of the evolving world. The membership of legal counsels in professional associations constitutes a duty to observe the highest ethical standards in the provision of legal advice listed in the Code of Legal Counsel Ethics.

RULES OF COOPERATION AND REMUNERATION We offer permanent legal services in compliance with your needs, based on a monthly lump-sum fee or a charge for actual work performed by a lawyer. In special projects and court matters, the amount of remuneration may be settled in the form of a bonus granted for a success. Our motto is to settle the remuneration for services in such a manner that it does not constitute an excessive burden, on the contrary, that it is an equivalent to the benefits gained by a client from our advisory service. In the event of large amount of cases, we are eager to offer even more beneficial individual rates. In particular we have a special offer of debt recovery services. Final terms and conditions concerning the remuneration are settled individually in accordance with the rule – highest quality for a reasonable price. We also offer a modern on-line legal advisory for the clients who prefer to make use of legal services via the Internet. The Law Firm LEXCARTA has been established to assist its clients in achieving their goals and solve their problems.