Work permit with simplified procedure


Desirable professions in Poland

From January 2019. Apply more favorable provisions for foreigners taking up employment in the so-called. competition desirable for the Polish economy. On the basis of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy it can be faster and easier to obtain work permits for foreigners. It is abolished because the requirement to carry out the so-called employer. labor market test (ie. make the office work jobs for the job and obtain confirmation of the lack of Polish candidates for the position). Notwithstanding the foregoing, the foreigner, who has already obtained a permit to reside and work in the profession desired, will be facilitated perpetual way to legalize their stay in Poland.

The list of professions required of the Polish economy:

Engineers for Industry and manufacturing

Engineer concrete technology

Engineer glass technology

Electrical engineers

Doctors  (specialization secondary or specialist title)

Nurses without specialization or during specialization

Nurses with specialist title

Computer Systems Analysts

Experts for the development of information systems

Designers of network applications and multimedia

app developers

Computer systems analysts and programmers elsewhere classified

Designers and database administrators

Administrators of computer systems

Experts in computer networks

Specialists databases and computer networks, not elsewhere classified

technicians construction

technicians electricians

Technicians, electronics technicians and related workers

Assistant to the disabled

Guardian of an elderly person

Caregiver at nursing home

Bricklayers and related workers

Concreters, fixers and related concreters

Construction carpenters and joiners

Road construction workers


Floor layers, tilers and Flooring

Plasterers and related


Building and related painters

Welders and related

Locksmiths and related workers

Building and related electricians

Bus driver

Truck drivers

The operators of earth-moving equipment, and related equipment

Drivers and operators of machines and handling trucks and related